TribalNatyam Festival 2017

TribalNatyam Festival 2017

October 21st & 22nd

TRIBALNATYAM Gr Festival, our annual Tribal community meeting in Athens, Greece, is back with an EPIC 4th edition!

A Fusion Bellydance Weekend with the amazing

  • Elizabeth Strong and Dan Cantrell from California, U.S.A.,
  • Lamia Barbara from Palermo, Italy,
  • Cintia Dairnic from Madrid, Spain,
  • Erifily Nikolakopoulou, and Kalypso Mani from Athens


TribalNatyam Festival 2017

Saturday, October 21st, 2017

Workshops will take place at Fever Reloaded, Mesogeion 282, Holargos, Athens Click for map

All participants of the workshops will be awarded certificates of attendance!

11:00am - 12:00pm
Cintia Dairnic

"Play, Pause , Rewind, Forward" Fusion Choreography

Dancers will learn a short choreography using the following various types of movement qualities to enrich your repertoire. We will play in a normal speed, stop our movement as if frozen, fast forward or rewind back in slow speed – the possibilities are limitless!

12:10pm - 02:10pm
Elizabeth Strong & Dan Cantrell

Musicality for Dancers with Live Music

During this two hour class we will explore musical concepts such as song structure, maqam and improvised solos. Together we will explore and analyze the feeling of scales, rhythms and musical phrases. There will be plenty of opportunity to dance to live accordion played by Dan Cantrell! A hand out will be provided.

* Please bring a notebook and pen.

02:20pm - 04:20pm
Lamia Barbara

"A Tasteful Blending" Original Choreography

The main concept about Fusion Bellydance is its continuos and ever-growing blending nature. Taking inspiration from her studies in contemporary dance, theatre and Classical Indian Dances, Lamia has created a funny and challenging choreography with unique sequences of movement.

04:30pm - 05:20pm

Stage Make Up class for Fusion Bellydance Show

In this workshop we will learn all the steps for a complete stage makeup for a 20's smokey eyes look. Learn the preparation before the make up, how to apply the foundation,eye shadow, eyeliner, eyelashes and more. Bring your make up and a notebook.


Chitirio Theater

Iera Odos 44, Athens (Keramikos Metro Station) - click for map

Tickets: €12

Sunday, October 22nd, 2017

Workshops will take place at Fever Reloaded, Mesogeion 282, Holargos, Athens Click for map

All participants of the workshops will be awarded certificates of attendance!

11:30am - 12:30pm

Movement Awareness for Dancers

We move by sensing our bodies. This workshop is about honing our senses. Through Yoga & Feldenkrais lessons we will become more aware of our anatomy and the mechanics behind movement. This will allow us to clarify our technique and boost our creative freedom.

12:40pm - 02:40pm
Lamia Barbara

Dance Off Your Brain

Turn off your brain and dance with the flow! A workshop with less talking and more dancing. Follow Lamia's meditative movements, empty your mind and experience the beauty of dance!

02:50pm - 03:50pm
Cintia Dairnic

Let's Duet! A.T.S.®

Let's learn the basic keys to improvisation in a duet with ATS® duets are a beautiful opportunity to create a fantastic atmosphere with your dance partner. In duets we can be generous, take risks, and enjoy dancing together! Dancers will learn some basic ATS® steps and how they can be applied gracefully to duets. Keep the eye contact and Let's Duet!

* A basic level of ATS® is strongly recommended but not mandatory.

04:00pm - 06:00pm
Elizabeth Strong

"Oldschool Tribal Bellydance" Choreography with Finger Cymbals

Learn Elizabeth's signature combos and twist your mind/body connection as we add finger cymbals to soak the music in more deeply. This class is upbeat, and a fun way to get your heart rate going! We will also enjoy a great warm up and drills.

Bring finger cymbals and a water bottle!


Architectoniki Live stage

Elasidon 6, Athens (Keramikos Metro Station) - click for map

Tickets: €10